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Bahlsen supports sustainable cocoa farming with UTZ certified cocoa

At Bahlsen we have been putting ‘more of the best’ into every one of our biscuits for nearly 125 years. We set a high value on the choice of the best ingredients and it’s important for us that our products are procured and produced in a responsible way. In July 2012 our company took an important step in this direction with the switch over to UTZ certified cocoa for our Choco Leibniz and Hobbits brands. In the long term we plan to move all of our products over to UTZ certified cocoa as this is now a pillar of our sustainability strategy.

You can recognize the UTZ Certified products by the UTZ logo on our packaging. The label stands for the commitment of the company to sustainable cocoa farming and to responsible management of natural resources, and shows that Bahlsen takes its responsibility towards nature and society seriously. In this way we help to train the cocoa farmers in sustainable agricultural techniques so that they are able to improve the crop and subsequently their income and quality of life.

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What does "certified cocoa" mean and what is "UTZ Certified"?

The word “UTZ” comes from the ancient language of the Mayas and means as much as “good”. UTZ Certified is one of the most important sustainability programmes and seals of approval in the area of coffee, tea and cocoa cultivation. Its market-oriented sustainability programme promotes agriculture in the cocoa cultivating countries by training the cocoa farmers in business and environmental management and educating them about healthy working conditions. This empowers the farmers to farm professionally.

UTZ Certified intends to establish sustainable agricultural supply chains by encouraging the industry to take over long-term responsibility so that the consumers will buy products which meet sustainable social and economic standards. This helps the cocoa farmers and their families and also contributes to the conservation of our natural resources.

UTZ Certified’s strict Code of Conduct ensures that the cocoa farmers and their plantations are monitored on a regular basis for compliance with the certification criteria set by UTZ Certified and audited by independent third party certification bodies. In the long term, this ensures that the certified cocoa is of a reliable and constant quality.

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